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submersion14, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to spread love and promote sustainability throughout the world. Our goal is to help people know they are deeply loved. submersion14 improves lives through humanitarian assistance, improving the environment through sustainable practices, and meeting individuals where they are at on a personal level.

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Spreading love by sharing the Gospel of Jesus to all people.

  • Every Saturday morning, the submersion14 kids engage in Bible lessons led by our children's pastor.

  • We arrange prayer visits with families to offer support, listen to their needs, and pray together.

  • During humanitarian efforts, we demonstrate Jesus' love by empowering the community and engaging with the children. Our goal is for our actions to echo the compassion of Jesus. Our team welcomes individuals at any point in their journey.

Our Story


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submersion14, Inc is registered as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

submersion14 hosts multiple Love Is What You Do events. North Jax Baptist Church hosted a night and the team met in homes.

submersion14 sends backpacks to Tanzania with a local missionary. 

Backpacks are shipped to Uganda with hygiene items, jump ropes, hacky sacks, and supplies.

submersion14, Inc. enters Guatemala for the first time as a nonprofit and calls it their home!

submersion14, Inc. hires the first woman to make hacky sacks and creates an income for her family.

First Mission Trip Team to Guatemala!

submersion14 completes first project building a home for a single mother who lost everything in a mudslide.

Hosted the first Ahava 5k Fundraiser

Completed Escuela Jerusalen Restroom project! 10 toilets and washing station was installed for 261 students who had no access to a restroom.

submersion14 partners with Terra Thread to upgrade our backpacks to even higher quality sustainable materials. Our backpacks our made with 100% regenerative organic cotton, supporting local women in India.

Team comes to host VBS and partner with the students at Escuela Jerusalen.

The child sponsorship program begins!

submersion14 hosted their first fundraiser gala!

The official launch of the submersion14 sponsorship program with our July mission team! Our first group of children began to see the positive impacts of being sponsored. 41 kids were sponsored.

The first GIVING TUESDAY campaign for Christmas Goodie Baskets begins for over 160 families.  We celebrated with over 400 people for our first community Christmas party!

submersion14 hosts their first Health Clinic Day with the 2024 January mission team! The kids received dental cleanings, teeth sealants, vision screenings, heart and lung exams, ears and nose checks, lice removal, and hair cuts.

submersion14 Saturday morning kids program begins! After noticing the impacts of having basic needs being met, a program began to promote biblical, educational, sports, and artistic creativity. Every Saturday the kids also get a delicious breakfast.

Registration opens again to add more kids to the submersion14 sponsorship program in Guatemala.

submersion14  brings on two different parents of our kids to make bracelets and hand-woven bags.

The 2nd Annual SUBMERSION14 GALA!


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Kim Erickson,

Kim Erickson is an attorney who practiced business litigation for thirteen years before becoming a law professor for a decade. Currently, Kim helps families navigate the immigration laws and legally become U.S. citizens. She graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1997. Kim earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Bowling Green State University in 1992. Kim also is the author of three books: His Last Words, a Bible study of the Gospel of John, chapters 13-17 (Moody Publishers, January 2017),  Surviving Sorrow ~ A Mother’s Guide to Living with Loss (Moody Publishers, March 2020), and Surviving Sorrow: A Mothers' Guide to Living with Loss (Moody Publishers, September 2022). You can find information regarding her writing and speaking ministry at:

Katherine Hayes Board_edited.jpg

Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes,

Dr. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes  received her BA in English and a MA in Elementary Education at Adelphi University. She received her Doctorate of Education and Supervision at Arizona State University. Katherine taught for 8 years before moving to the principalship of K-8 and K-6 schools for approximately 10 years. She has served as a freelance writer for various magazines including, Church Weekly, Prom Guide and Glendale Magazine. When Katherine isn’t working as counselor or writing curriculum she loves painting and photography. Some of her work in art, poetry and short stories has been distinguished by awards including the New York Mayor’s contribution to the arts Award, Outstanding Resident Artist of Arizona and the Foundations Awards at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. She also runs recreationally, coordinates fitness boot-camps for women and has a black belt in Taekwondo.  She has been involved in church ministry for 18 years leading women’s ministry, teaching, playing piano, singing, and teaching liturgical dance.

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Taylor Wehri
Founder/ Executive Director

Taylor Wehri, the Founder and Executive Director of submersion14, Inc., adores working with children and is deeply passionate about educating them on their worth and purpose in the world. Taylor earned her bachelor's degree in Christian Ministries from Liberty University and enjoys reading, drawing, and traveling.

Virginia Girton Board_edited.jpg

Virginia Girton
Board Member

Virginia Girton is a marketplace and ministry leader based in Jacksonville, FL. Virginia leads the Virginia Girton Home Team with Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty as an owner and real estate agent. Her professional background includes 12+ years as an Operations Manager in the financial services industry, and she also runs a ministry-based video blog under the pen name “V.A. Doolen” on Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress. Virginia is passionate about helping others grow in their God-given identities and teaching others to apply practical biblical principles to real life challenges. Virginia serves as a deacon in her local church and enjoys volunteering in the Northeast Florida community, as well as through global mission trips. She's a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. To find out more about Virginia’s marketplace endeavors, visit, or check out her ministry vlog at

Tara Utrup Board Member

Tara Utrup
Board Member


Libby Singer Board Member.JPG

Libby Singer
Board Member

Libby Singer is a Senior National Sales Manager for a company that provides corporate team building to companies all over the US - and out of the country.  She has been in sales, marketing and project management for over 30+ years.  She has a degree in Business Management.  

She has been on two mission trips - one to Nicaragua where she ministered to women and children and participated in providing hair cuts, nails, etc. to help them feel valued.  We also taught vacation bible studies to the children, provided healthcare and medicine, and clean water to various families.  Going to Guatemala was another life changing event - ministering to all the families - and loving on the children - who brought such joy to each of us.  We also visited and prayed with families - to demonstrate how they are loved by Jesus.

She is a mother of two adult children, has one grandson, and a granddaughter on the way.  She has had a love for the Lord from a small child - and has always tried to live her life in a loving, caring and joyful way.  She was also a youth leader for many years to middle and high school girls.

Donovan and Lorena.jpg

Pastor Donovan and Lorena Zacarias,
Guatemala Executive Team Lead

Pastor Donovan and Lorena are the lead pastors of Habitat Iglesia in Peronia, Guatemala. They lead the submersion14, Inc. team in Guatemala and help pastor over 175 children. They have two children and treat the entire community as their own family. Pastor Donovan and Lorena love to serve others through the church leading many programs. They faithfully serve and have a true passion for sharing the Gospel to their community.

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