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Giving Catalog

This not only enhances our sponsorship program but also fosters community growth and creates spaces to accommodate all these wonderful initiatives.

Medical Care and Health Improvement

Many of our children require additional medical support beyond routine care, including eyeglasses, dental treatments, doctor visits, medications, and in severe cases, surgical procedures. Furthermore, they need essential health enhancements like access to clean drinking water and proper cooking facilities.

submersion14 Kids Saturday Program

The submersion14 Kids Saturday Morning Program offers children the chance to enjoy a tasty breakfast and participate in classes such as Bible studies, art, English, and sports. This initiative provides a space for our kids to have fun, laugh, and simply be kids.

Education Needs 

This goes beyond uniforms, school supplies, and backpacks. This helps fund tutor programs, wifi access, computer lab, and items to promote educational growth.

Christmas Goodie Basket

Christmas is a time to give and celebrate. Often times our kids do not have the opportunity to do this, so we amp up the Christmas cheer by giving families a Christmas goodie basket with delicious treats to rejoice for the Savior has come!

Construction Needs

We are continuously expanding and requiring additional space. Our major projects include installing a kitchen ($2,000), constructing a whole community center, and further extending our presence in the community.

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